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With HBO GO you can watch big premieres as they air—plus every episode of HBO’s addictive series such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, and My Brilliant Friend and so much more.

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In addition to getting new movies every week, you also get news, comedy specials, smart talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries, and the special events everyone’s talking about.

You can watch HBO GO on your favorite screen—phone, tablet, computer, connected TV or gaming device.

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New releases including films, television series, and comedy will be available no matter you opt for HBO GO or HBO Now. Both devices can reach what you want at the same time, which will be 1 hour later than the live show.

It cost users $15 per month to subscribe to HBO Now. However, HBO GO will be free with the HBO subscription, which means one must have HBO NOW if they want to use HBO GO.

Released in March 2015, HBO Now was bound to Apple and was only available on devices like iPhones, iPad, and Apple TV. Till the expiration of the binding with Apple, both HBO GO and HBO Now are accessible on multiple platforms including Android, iOS devices and some other platforms like Smart TVs, Windows, Xbox 360, etc.

HBO GO is the one which is more complicated when it comes to their restrictions. Firstly, you need to authenticate the service through a cable to use HBO GO on a compatible device. HBO Now doesn’t need the authentication though it allows limitless devices per account.


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